Rhonda Bruggeman

Artist Bio:


My fused glass interests started in 2014. I had always had a love for glass art, in any form. I love the way the light catches it and spreads colors across the room, or how pieces can brighten up a dull garden. I started out as a basic fuser, but soon found a passion for creating realistic glass paintings using powdered glass and various sizes of crushed glass to create the illusion of depth in my pieces. The process involves the use various tools to remove the powdered glass to show the lighter areas and add powder to create the darker shading of the pieces. Sometimes, I find myself daydreaming which leads me down the path of creating whimsical glass art for the garden, it brings out the kid in me and reminds me of a fairyland. I also enjoy creating functional art pieces that can be used every day such as bowls, cheeseboards, and trays. I am continually learning new techniques which allow me to blend bits and pieces from various techniques to create unique pieces.

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