Megan Schroll

Artist Bio:

Growing up in central Nebraska, I’ve always had a wealth of inspiration in nature—Earth, dirt, abandoned shacks, leaves, roots, twigs, rocks, riverbeds, the stars, and the many creatures that can be found in this state as well as other amazing places in this strange and beautiful world we live in.

Megan Schroll - Grove Gallery

Art has always been a true passion of mine. I attended The University of Nebraska at Kearney where I achieved my Bachelors degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in sculpture & ceramics. Afterwards, I decided to move to Lincoln Nebraska to pursue more art opportunities. I now showcase my work at numerous art markets throughout the year, and spend the rest of my time rebuilding inventory, and spending quality time with my loving fiancé, family and friends.

Throughout my artwork, I run with the theme of opposites. Chaos vs. order. Black & white. Life & death. These opposites are separate, but they also very much coincide—Would there be beauty without the grotesque? Would life be as significant or as precious if it were not for death? It is this poetic tension, coupled with my need to collect, preserve, and enjoy these simple moments of natural discovery that drive my current body of work.

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