Lori Thomas

Artist’s Bio:

Lori Thomas is a mixed media artist residing in Lincoln, NE with her husband, Kevin, and young children Vincent and Kennedy. Growing up a farmer’s daughter near Niobrara, NE, she has always enjoyed the beauty of flowers whether planting, arranging, or painting them.

Lori’s unique style was borne out of play time doodling with her young daughter. A page of painted ovals, soon needed a black ink outline. A pair of scissors later, she developed her own modern style using multiple layers of medium and black lines in varying widths to create dimension. “I think when people see my artwork, they are first drawn to the vibrant colors. But as they look closer they start wondering, “How did she do that? And are these more than flowers? I love when someone takes a moment to let their eyes wander along the different lines. Each time I do it, I see a different way for my mind to make sense of the image. Are those leaves on a branch or petals falling from a flower. And, isn’t that the best thing about art? It can be whatever you want it to be.”

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