Kelly Axmann

Meet the Artist – Kelly Axmann: At The Grove Feb 23 from Noon until 4pm

Artist Bio:

I lived in Central Nebraska most of my life, moving to Lincoln Nebraska in 2012. I have owned an interior painting business for over 20 years. When I started my business I named it “Trespali”, a word formed from my 3 sons’ names Trevin, Spencer and Alec. The name stuck and I began signing all of my art with Trespali. Over the years, I produced commission pieces for my clients, but I did not feel like I had my own artistic voice. I created pieces that worked with their surroundings. In the last two years I feel like I have found that unique voice.

Creating contemporary art has become my most important form of communication to express what I constantly seek: joy, happiness, and humor. It is my goal to create work that conveys these emotions by using bright, bold colors, distinctive techniques, and vibrant epoxy finishes. I find creating art to be playful, and I think that is what art should be; not too structured, not perfect, but my own. I hope the emotions that I seek to express through my creative process, by my whimsical methods, and with my finished product comes across to those who see it as joyful, happy and humorous.

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