Heyn de Kock

Artist Bio:

Heyn de Kock - Grove Gallery

Heyn de Kock is a wildlife photographer and veterinarian from the Gold Coast of Australia. He has had his images published in numerous publications, including the cover of the BirdLife Australia magazine. His beautiful wildlife photographs make a wonderful focal point to any room.

Heyn’s mission is to photograph a member of each bird and mammal family in the wild. He has a special interest in birds, especially sea birds and shore birds. Heyn’s collection spans an impressive 991 species of birds in 134 families and 104 species of mammals in 34 families across Australasia, Southern Africa and North America.

Heyn’s dedication and patience in waiting to capture the perfect shot is evident in his gorgeous images. From his dramatic monochrome photos to showcasing the beautiful color of nature, Heyn’s photos reveal the striking details of his subjects.

Heyn works exclusively with Nikon camera equipment.