Frank & Deb Brooks

Artist Bio:

Certified Instructor Deb Brooks has been working with Metal Clay for over 20 years. Deb enjoys creating with many mediums but loves the variety of effects and unknown possibilities she gets when working with Metal Clay.
Metal Clay intrigued her interest when it first came out in the mid-’90s, but she did not take the plunge until later. In 2012 Deb took her first Certification class in Denver Co. so that she could teach. Deb has participated in many juried shows across the country, and her work can be found in several art galleries in the midwest. Deb’s work has developed a following and has been commissioned to create special one of kind pieces.
Frank Started working with Deborah taking over the silverware line when she found Metal Clay. He has created many new Items with the silverware, letter openers, key chains, and twisted forks to mention just a few and always working on new ones.
Frank and Deb enjoy working together to create fun new designs.

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