Diana Turner

Artist Bio:

I travel to fine art shows and sell my paintings for a living. It is very satisfying and rewarding to be able to share my art with other people who have a love and appreciation of art and to experience their appreciation first hand. I am truly inspired by the nature that is around me. When I see something that I am fascinated with or find beautiful I have an overwhelming feeling that drives me to my paints and brushes that splash forth onto my paper. The process of painting gives me a satisfying feeling of accomplishment as I start with a feeling and sketch it out and then paint it to a completed painting. My Mother painted when I was growing up and I found it very inspiring to see something and to put on paper or canvas your own version of what you see. As I spent time in the outdoors while growing up, I formed a strong lasting appreciation of nature and the outdoors. I have found that through my watercolor paintings I can express that deepest part of my inner self and love of nature. Painting has been a lifelong passion for me . It is my hope to share through my paintings the feeling that inspires and motivates me to paint, in hopes of it bringing you the same happiness, comfort, and joy it has brought me.

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