Deborah Costello

Artist Bio:

Stained glass transforms light. The constant changing conditions of daylight, coupled with the refractive properties of color, texture, and transparency within stained glass, permeate the space with a constantly changing palette of color.
I generally use the traditional medium of leaded stained glass, to create conventional and unconventional glass art. I am currently venturing into fused glass as an additional enhancement to my designs. I create unexpected imagery, hoping to offer the observer a fresh view of this vibrant classical art form. My work reflects my creative voice in life. I delight in the organic process of the unplanned and I find beauty in the bold and unexpected.
I have a third-floor attic studio in my home in S.E. Nebraska and spend many hours every day in this creative space. I do custom pieces for clients, but I also design and create projects in which I want to express something personally. I celebrate the opportunity every day to do what I enjoy most. And I am grateful to go where the unforeseen opportunities take me.

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