Cindy Chinn

Cindy Chinn

I am a full-time Artist and when I create artwork, I am reminded how lucky I am to have the freedom to do I as choose. That wasn’t always the case in my fast paced world in a corporate art career. Living in rural Nebraska allows me to fulfill my goal of being a fine artist and having the space to explore my many interests.

I work in a lot of different mediums, but most of my time is spent in the welding shop these days. I have a love for metal art which is always giving me new avenues to explore. Other days, I might be carving a pencil lead while looking through a microscope and then continue on a glass project the next. I enjoy variety of media, combining them, and the unique challenges each one brings.

After seeing a few carved pencil leads online, I decided to try and make one to enter in a miniature show at a local gallery. I had a lot of fun with it and later in the year, an image of it went viral across the internet. I was soon swamped with inquiries and commissions and began forging a new path in my art career. I didn’t set out to become “an internationally renowned pencil carver”, but as they say, “if the shoe fits…”.

I have always had a fondness for creating artwork from regular items and my pencil art is a reflection of that long held tradition. I also work in metal and have spent a lot of time creating artwork from common tools like saws and shovels.

I still keep my paint brushes nearby and have worked on several large murals in a variety of public spaces from hospitals to libraries and even a movie theatre.

My studio – the former Chester Nebraska school building.

I love my studio: the former Chester School was built in 1907 and purchased by Art Whitton and myself in 2006, moving from Las Vegas to Nebraska later that year.
There is a lot of history in this old building as well as square footage, 33,000+ of classroom space which I am turning into art studios. It sits on 3.5 acres, which some would consider a full-time job.

Mainly, it is “our home/office”, though from time to time I have art workshops and hold special viewings of my larger canvas mural projects before they are shipped off to be installed. In late 2018, we opened the BAO Gallery to have a space to showcase our work. 2019 brings new adventures with The Grove Gallery.

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